We're an independent illustration + brand studio in Pittsburgh, PA

Houndstooth is a solo team led by Courtney Caldwell (they/them). They’re a brand designer and illustrator, a former bartender, lifelong hospitalian, and a lover of all the ways they overlap. They believe design and hospitality not only go hand-in-hand, but are integral parts of the human experience.

Our Philosophy

Plain + Simple

We help brands make a connection.

Everyone wants to be a part of something, but also feel significant as an individual. Simply put: people want to feel seen and heard. Do you know your audience’s ‘love language’?

Our mission is to lay the framework for you to connect with your audience through intention, empathy, and reciprocity - because you’ve got goals, too!

Here's How:

Step 01 // Know Yourself

Successful, sustainable businesses are driven by purpose. When you know what that purpose is — why you do what you do — the blueprints of your business start to write themselves. In our process, we find and articulate your ‘why’ so future brand decisions can be tested against it.

Step 02 // Know Your Audience

Remember the phrase, ‘When you try to make everyone happy, you make no one happy?’ That’s similar to a business. When you truly know your audience’s wants, you can show up fully with what they need. This looks like in-depth audience profiles, and convention and competitor studies.

Step 03 // Bridge the Gap

Connecting with your audience is like dating. Only when what you offer meets another’s needs and desires (and vice-versa) do you create a harmonious and mutual connection. I bridge the gap through authentic and strategic brand design to highlight your business’s purpose.

Good sh*t for people who love people

Brands We've Worked With

Brave + Kind Co // CO

El Corazon Winery // WA

Distillery 291 // CO

Dunkin Donuts // CO

The Easy Vegan // CO

Elke Cafe // CO

Fab Lab Denver // CO

Gift Horse* // CO

Halo Brow Bar // CA

Hapke's Hortum // CO

High Alpine Painting // CO

Hold Fast Coffee // CO

Mountain Standard Goods // CO

NeoTEIN Nutrition // USA

Other Dog // CO

Pin Museum // USA

Prism Coffee // NC

Roam Social // WA

Switchback Coffee // CO

Shrunken Head Tiki Bar // CO

Support the Springs // CO

Terra Verde Boutique // CO

Wish Tattoo // CA

*Done in partnership with another team

We’d love to work with you, too.

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