Hapke’s Hortum is no-bullshit botany. Big plant shops offer a minimum variety of plants that have received even less care. The Hapke’s have rooted themselves as your go-to spot for variety, quality, and sustainability.

Services Provided Brand Identity | Illustration | Merchandise Design | Social Media Design + Strategy | Collateral Design

May Hay While the Sun Shines

The highest priority for branding for Hapke’s Hortum was to communicate a ‘contrarian who cares’ attitude. It should feel a little rough around the edges - clean and well put together, but with a little dirt under their fingernails. To achieve this attitude, we took inspiration from the moto and men’s everyday carry brands and added a splash of Clay and Lar’s midwest-meets-south personas.

All photos have been generously provided by RenCreativ and the Hapke's Hortum team

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