Hold Fast is dedicated to coffee, those who drink it, and the pursuit or perfection. Rooted in Colorado Springs, they peddle their beans from their local roastery and cafe, online, or from various locations across the state. Over the ten years since their inception, they've expanded their brand and operations and offerings while always maintaining their signature exceptional service.

Services Provided Brand Refresh | Illustration | Web Design | Merchandise Design | Packaging Design | Wayfinding + Signage

Serving Coffee. Serving People.

Hold Fast and Houndstooth go way back—initially working on annual illustrations for merchandise and moving into a full brand client. Hold Fast is a well-established brand with over ten years of operations under their belt. But with growth, so comes its own challenges. In 2023 we rebranded their cafe Peak Place under the Hold Fast name. Since then, we've worked together to expand their branding and offerings visually and strategically.

All photos have been shot by Elan Studio or the Hold Fast crew

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