Let’s get real for a second. The process of developing a truly successful and authentic brand requires a well-integrated system of resources, strategy, skill, and collaboration. BUT - and I will die on this hill - the most powerful tool amongst them all is…

A great client worksheet.

There’s power in knowing. When it comes to branding, the more you know about the goals, desires, and intentions of your client and their business the better you can address these needs. This direct communication offers clarity and certainty where assumptions (from both sides) only lend themselves to disappointment. This is where the adage ‘form over function’ comes to mind: some brands are simply beautiful but lack strategy and resonance with your audience. Some work fine but lack interest or appeal. I’d argue, with a strong client worksheet, you get the best of both worlds.

There’s no right or wrong way to build your client worksheet. The best place to start is with the questions you find you’re always asking, or types of information that you always find helpful. In my time working with clients, I’ve found that most helpful prompts take clients back to their roots. What was the original dream? Where did it all begin? How did you get to where you are now? Most people don’t know the full scope of information that might be helpful to share. And only getting a picture of what you see today isn’t as informative as knowing what steps came before it. Because of that, my worksheet has evolved into something not unlike a brand therapy session. And, bonus, it almost always gets your client reinvigorated about their business and excited for what’s to come.

Pro Tip: I offer clients their worksheets in an editable doc so they can take their time filling them out. Most folks benefit from doing this in their own time and space and they don’t require you to be there for discussion.

Each client gets a slightly different worksheet depending on their industry, business model, and existing knowns/unknowns. Here are a few of my standard questions:



Give me a deep dive into your business. How did the idea come about? What are you inspired by? What gets you excited about the business?

This is great to get the juices flowing. Get the ‘Point A to B’ and everything in between.


How established is your business? Is it a new idea waiting to launch? Has it been around for a while but needs intention and aesthetic to back up the brand?

This is crucial in knowing what you’re working with, what shape your process will take, and if there are any weak points in an existing brand you’ve got to address.


How would you describe the business to a toddler or your grandparents?

Some brands are complicated to describe and some folks get lost in the echo chamber that is their brand.


Who is your direct competitor? What do you offer your audience that your competitors don’t?

It’s critical to know how your client sees themselves fitting into - and standing out from - their industry. This will directly inform your design and strategy decisions later on.



These questions take deep thought and intentionality (why I recommend an hour + to complete) but speak volumes about your client’s values.

Imagine your dream client - what are they like? What are their interests? What is their daily life like? How does your brand provide solutions for them?

Complete this sentence, “I/We exist to:”

Imagine your audience is looking for you online. What key terms would they use to find you? Start general and then get REALLY specific.

Imagine you have engaged with your ideal client or customer and they had a perfect experience. They felt so positive about it that they left you an online review. What would that review say?

How do you want people to feel about your brand?

Check out this article on Jungian Archetypes. Which of these archetypes resonate with your brand’s purpose and how you want to engage with your audience?



What types of visuals do you lean towards?

What types of visuals do you want to stay from completely?

What brands inspire you? This can be in regards to design, messaging, business model, etc.


Optional/Honorable Mentions

For clients who give me the impression they like to get into the weeds, so to say, I’ll ask some more esoteric questions that inform more specific topics like aesthetics, interests, and what gets them excited about their brand.

If your business had a theme song - that one song that represents you - what would that song be? Include 3-5 songs or artists, if possible. (Especially helpful if this business is a brick-and-mortar)

If your brand were a car, what would it be? A Tesla? A Subaru Hatchback with a bike rack? A vintage Volvo?

What texture is your brand? Is it shiny and metallic? Woven like fabric?

If your brand had a mascot, who would it be and why?