While our age of technology brings convenience and accessibility, it can also bring decision overwhelm. With an abundance of options available to you at the click of your mouse, it’s easy to feel weighed down by all the ‘what if’s’ in the brand process. Here are six frequently asked questions that I get and how I respond to them:

What if I don’t like the options presented?

This is a tough one, for sure. While this rarely happens - I’ve only seen it once in the last ten years - it’s a question I get frequently. What I always tell my clients is: no surprises. I expect the client and myself to stay transparent and fully engaged for the whole process. When that happens, the options presented will feel like an indisputable articulation of the process findings leading up to that.

So, what happens if everyone communicated needs and expectations, showed up fully, and I still don’t like any of the options? In the rare chance that this happens, we pause for a moment to recalibrate intentions and expectations, address any potential holes in the process, and make a game plan for how to best move forward.

How do I know how much to spend?

Great question! If your business is a house, your brand is the foundation. But while it should be an investment in your company, it shouldn’t send you into bankruptcy before you even launch. My best advice for people who have yet to begin a branding process is to have clear expectations for what you business needs and shop around with designers or agencies that speak to your business level. Are you a small business? Check out your local base of freelances. Average cost might be anywhere from $500-$2500. Are you launching a start-up? Shoot for an established freelancer or a smaller design studio with a small overhead. I’d estimate $1000-$5000 depending on your needs and who you end up with. Are you a larger company looking for heavy strategy, research, market penetration, and launch assistance? A big agency may be your best bet. In this circumstance, you might be looking at $5000 or more. Please note: there are SO many factors involved in quoting a brand for your business. Check out my post, How Much Should I Pay for a Logo?, to get the skinny on the meaning behind the numbers.

Do you offer discounts?

The short answer: no. I don’t compromise on the quality of what I offer you, therefore I don’t offer discounts. However, if you have a budget that you’re trying to work with, I am happy to work with you on what I can offer you at that price point. I fully appreciate that a big budget is hard to come by in the beginning. Think of it like buying a car: you can buy a cheap car, it’s probably not very pretty and makes that questionable rattle, it hopefully gets you from point ‘a’ to ‘b,’ but it likely will cost you more in the long run just keeping it running. Alternatively, you can invest in a reliable ride that takes care of you more than you take care of it.

How do I know who is the right fit for me?

I’m glad you asked. Finding the right creative for your brand is not unlike the dating process. You want to make sure you “click” with your designer or agency, you have an open line of communication, and most importantly, there’s mutual trust between the two parties. My recommendation is to know what you’re looking for them to accomplish within your brand, do your research to see what your options are, and sit down with potential contractors to get a feel for their personality. I can’t emphasize this enough: while, in a perfect world, everyone would be perfect for everyone, not every creative is the right match for every client, and vice versa. And, that’s okay! Here are some things to consider: Am I drawn to the other work that this creative has produced? Do I believe this person or agency would fit within my brand? Do the messaging in their online presence, email interactions, and face-to-face conversations speak to my needs and my brand? Do I feel seen and my needs heard?

How long does the design process take?

There are many variables at play, but within *my* process, brands take on average 3-6 weeks, while illustrations take about 2-3 weeks. Factors that may alter these timelines are: current workload, complexity of the project, client feedback rate, and holidays.

What if I need a logo in a week?

The fact of the matter is, good brands don’t happen in a week. They take strategy, intention, and thoughtfulness. There may be some options out there for a more transactional process that could get you something for the time being, but I recommend every business invest time into their brand (see: “How Do I Know How Much to Spend?”).