Somewhere between intention and aesthetic lies authentic branding for your business. Here's the step-by-step guide to achieving that.

Interview + Familiarize

The first step of the process is getting to know you, your brand, and your audience. Depending on time and location, this could look like a phone interview or video chat, or ideally, sitting down with you. We’ll talk about things like your ‘why’, your goals, and what you want to be known for - kind of like a first date with your brand.


This is where I take everything we learned in the interview process and hone in on aesthetic and strategic inspiration. I get to really nerd out over your brand and daydream about all of the possibilities. Heads up: I’ll be heads *down* for this phase, as well as the next few, creating something tailor-made for your brand.

Sketch + Strategy

Now, it’s time to take action on all of that daydreaming we did in the last phase. I’m thinking about things like how to represent you accurately and timelessly so that your logo fits you for the next 10 years all the way to how your logo will look as a sticker on a Nalgene. 


This is where the real fun happens. Things are getting *real* in the studio. Now that I know all about the business, I’m full of inspiration, sketched pages worth of concepts, I’m now ready to hit the digital art board. I’m still heads down in this phase, but I’m narrowing down everything for a final presentation for you and your fellow stakeholders. *Queue performance anxiety*


After weeks in my cave *ahem* office, I’m back in the world and ready to present stunning and strategic logo concepts to you. I’ll go over the benefits and different strategic routes of each one and give my recommendations. We’ll discuss any questions you might have and part ways with lots to think about. There is absolutely no pressure to pick a logo here and now. In fact, I recommend that you don’t. First impressions are usually right, however, maybe your intuition needs a few days.

Refine + Finalize

Once you have picked *one* logo direction to go in, we will refine as needed. Keep in mind - you get two rounds of refinements built in to your estimate. You can use them or not and if you still need more rounds - easy peasy - we can add that onto the final bill. A friendly reminder: the timeline of this phase depends on how quickly feedback is turned around from the client and the extent of those refinements. Once we’ve nailed down your logo, I’ll package up everything you would ever need and send it your way. Know you need something specific and out of the ordinary? Just let me know and I’ll get you what you’re looking for.